JB – Prayer For Our Nation

An illustrated video in the structure of a prayer highlighting the various groups of people (families, health care workers, businesses, government etc.) who were affected by the pandemic.

The intention was to create a message that could be said by all – a prayer that people could teach their little ones to say.

General Accident – Undo It

In this TVC we encourage potential customers to get General Accident Insurance by reminding them of all the potential accidents just waiting to happen in life.

With General Accident, you have the chance to “Undo It” with the money that is paid out to you to help you recover.

Dragon Stout – Be Bold

For our Be Bold TVC, we wanted to depict the emotional experience of drinking Dragon Stout. Dragon Stout drinkers are confident individuals who stand their ground in the face of challenges.

We used musical artist Masicka to be the visual representation of that bold attitude. Without having to say anything, he conveys his inner strength to a would-be rival, the kind of strength one might feel while drinking a Dragon.

JTB – Heartbeat of the World

In this TVC, we brand Jamaica as the “Heartbeat of the World”. We seek to create the emotion in the viewer of Jamaica as home – a warm place filled with good food and the people you love – as well as a place filled with life.

It is the heartbeat breathing life into those that visit as well as the place where your heart will feel at home.

FLOW Jamaica Xmas TVC

In this TVC we sought to tap into the child-like magic of Christmas by showing a literal depiction of Christmas coming alive.

Musical artist Spice is the doll come alive – a gift as amazing as all the deals that Flow offers its customers.


We recognized that people had been through two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted them to know that we understood what they had been through and to feel valued as customers.

Therefore, we wanted them to know that they could get the items they needed delivered directly to them. They could shop early, beat the holiday rush and be rewarded when they did so with MailPac.

When we conceptualized that ad, we saw two streams of communication… emotional and motivational. The emotional stream led the communication and the motivational ended the communication with a CTA (Call to action).

We sought to move beyond the words that depict what the Christmas experience is supposed to deliver, to what every gift giver wants to hear from the recipient.